Client Stories

Everyone has a unique home selling journey.
Read some of our clients stories and see why Kepkay clients are clients for life.

By: Linda Greenslade, Seller

There is a huge difference in the skills, strategies and work ethic required to sell a home in a challenging market from those required in a “normal” or “hot” market...I only wish I had hired Josh first because he has the drive and talent you need today... Our one bedroom sold for a price that made us happy. I do not believe it would have occurred without Josh.

By: Jewett Rae, Seller

Josh found Vancouver buyers for my Sunshine Coast house, a rather unique property, in a short while and efficiently saw me through every single step of the way through closing. If snags came up he calmly saw us through the problem. I would recommend Josh Kepkay to help you sell your home! He knows how to help and how to get the job done!

By: Sophie Lemieux, Seller

After interviewing three agents, including the one that sold it to me, I decided to go with Josh. He took the time to help prepare my home for the market and we sold for 99% of my price in one busy February week. Josh is talented and passionate, however, I signed with him because of what my daughter said: ‘He’s not just in it for the money.

By: For Sale By Owner (Confidential)

Josh Kept His Word. He created a specific strategy for our home, raised the price and began a marketing plan that worked. In 60 days, after having the house on the market for a year, we had two solid offers and a third waiting in back up.

By: Matt & Mercedes Thurber, First Time Home Buyers

From our first meeting with Josh, it was evident that he goes all out for his clients, taking the time to learn exactly what you are looking for and then looking out for your best interests throughout the entire process. When we found our dream home, Josh did a fantastic job ensuring all the subjects and details were to our satisfaction - working around the clock for us. A true class act all the way through! Would not hesitate to recommend Josh whatever your real estate needs may be.

By: Denise Berton (Stager)

I met Josh when I was hired by a friend to pack, paint and stage her condo. Josh went beyond the call of duty to do what it took to get the place sale ready. From replacing a chandelier and ceiling lights to moving furniture and getting rid of unwanted items, Josh was there with a smile and lots of patience. With his charming personality he soon had the strata’s help in assuring that everything went smoothly. Josh is a man of integrity. It was truly a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend Josh. Good job!

By: David Ford, Sparo Mortgages

We love working with Josh. He has brought a very unique, vibrant and professional approach to real estate. We have had the pleasure of working together on multiple mutual client files now and each time Josh has always been extremely attentive and willing to research any questions that arise during real estate transactions. We would highly recommend working with him.

By: Leonor Restrepo, Seller & Buyer (Downsizer)

Very good professional and help me a lot

By: Kirk Toussaw, Buyer

Josh was easy to work with, responsive and very knowledgeable. I will use him again for sure!

By: Jared Marley, Investor

Josh has been an enormous help and source of real estate knowledge. I ended up investing in Alberta so I wasn’t able to work with him directly, but he’s provided tons of advice during the buying process and afterwards. His strategies seemed sound and he’s always been dead right about the market movements.